The Story

The Grnwood is a platform which was created to highlight people of color who are doing amazing things. Pronounced "Green-Wood," we named it after the neighborhood which was known as Americas "Black Wall Street." Greenwood was a neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma where black businesses thrived in the early 1900s. It was a place of economic progress and cultural significance. Naming the platform after such a vibrant community was important to us because we know how many people of color are out there doing impactful things and not getting the credit they deserve. Whether someone is just getting started or has already reached the pinnacles of success in their respective field, this will be the place to find them. Current generations and future generations should be able to come here and know they can look at all the various steps in the process of elevating themselves. Any reader should also know that anything is possible. The world has endless possibilities, and The Grnwood simply wants to curate and highlight as much as possible.